Complaints Policy Hermes Advisory B.V.

Hermes Advisory B.V., from here to be called: “Hermes”, Postbus 192, 1250 AD Laren, registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number 54071410, highly values satisfied relationships and we are therefore always working to improve the quality of our services. However, where work is done, mistakes can be made and misunderstandings can arise. If you are dissatisfied with one of our partners, our services or any aspect of our organization, we strongly invite you to let us know as soon as possible. We will take your comments seriously and where appropriate we will work with you to find an appropriate solution.

Complaint resolution by phone

Often, complaints are best resolved during a proper conversation (by phone or in person); we therefore request that you first contact us to discuss the problem by phone or to make an appointment. If the complaint concerns one of our partners, it is preferable that you first try to reach a solution with the person concerned. If this does not work, or if you have reasons for not wanting this, you can also contact one of the other partners.

Formal written complaint procedure

If a conversation has not solved your problem or if, in your opinion, a conversation is not appropriate for your complaint, you can submit the complaint formally in writing. You can send this by post to the address Postbus 192, 1250 AD Laren or by email to You can also choose to contact one of our partners directly (mail addresses are on the website).

You can also choose to pass on your complaint to one of our partners by telephone. When doing so, please explicitly mention that you want the complaint to be handled through the official complaints procedure. The partners concerned will note the complaint during the telephone conversation and send you a copy.


The course of action thereafter is as follows: Depending on against whom the complaint is directed, one of the other partners will handle your complaint as soon as possible and consult with you and the other parties involved to reach a satisfactory solution. If he/she does not succeed in responding substantively within a few days, he/she will in any case within a few days to confirm receipt of your complaint.

In most cases, he/she will also contact you to discuss further steps. You may also be asked for further clarification or further information. The objective is to deal with your complaint at least within three weeks. Should this take longer, you will be informed of the reason for this and also kept further informed of the progress of the procedure. Naturally, you will receive written confirmation of the outcome of the procedure after completion.

Other aspects of complaint handling

Partly in connection with professional regulations, all aspects of the handling of your complaint will be recorded. Naturally, the information will be handled carefully and confidentially. In certain cases it may be necessary to seek external advice from professional independent bodies. With the submission of your formal complaint, you will therefore be asked for permission to make (copies of) relevant documents available to those possible experts. As is our custom, we ask them to sign for confidentiality.

Finally, if you have a complaint and let us know, we greatly appreciate it. After all, you are giving us a second chance. You can rest assured that we will take all justified complaints into consideration when evaluating our organization and will do our utmost to take measures to minimize the recurrence of the problem in question.

We strive for a good continued relationship and cooperation.

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December, 2023